10 Beauty Trends To Follow in 2018

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1) Let There Be Glow

This year is all about the glow! If you have a knack for bold makeup styles like graphic eyeliners, bright lipsticks, this trend is just the right one for you. It all started with the launching of Fenty Beauty by Rihana. The Trophy Wife highlighter won all our hearts and bought a revolution in fashion. Since then, it has been seen in all the major fashion shows making it very clear- this trend is here to stay.

2) Less Bitter, More Glitter

The 80s are back! The use of glitter was subtle in the last years, but now, it has gone bolder and messier. Sprinkle the glitter around your lashes, eyes (use lash glue) to give a Disco look. You can apply glitter powders available in many brands or go bolder with a glitter coat over the eyes.

3) Metallic Lips

Matte and dark lipsticks were everywhere in past years. But now the time is up for matte lipsticks. Mettalics are here to slay and take over. Dark shaded metallic lipsticks are in vogue. To rock this trend, all you have to do is select a differently colored metallic lipstick. Apply it with some gloss to make it extra metallic and shiny.

4) Inner Corners

The inner corners of the eyes have long been applied with white shadows and eyeliners to make one look more awake and the eyes look bigger. The trend is taken a notch up by using shinier and brightly colored shadows or liners in the inner corners of eyes to give a very fresh look to the eyes.

5) Thumb Print Eyeliner

The cat eye has finally been taken over by a new style- the thumbprint eyeliner. The trend has been spotted by Tom Ford. It involves a round edge instead of a sharp one.

6) Colored Eyeliner

This year, its all about bright and loud colors. Blue, neon, bright pink eyeliners have been spotted at the red carpet rocked by many celebrities. Take a break from the boring, monotonous black eyeliner and add a pop of color to it. Start with sky blue or green to keep it subtle at first, and continue experimenting with bolder colors like bright pink or neon green.

7) Feathery Brows

Anastasia brows have been growing famous in 2017, and it has been very popular on social media with people doing it on an everyday basis. This year, the perfect Anastasia brows have been taken over by feather brows. It is a messier, more natural version of the Anastasia brows. Sure, it looks like its completely natural, but it isn’t. Very fewer girls are born with perfect brows and that doesn’t mean that the ones with thinner brows cant produce this look. Check out the huge variety of brow products on the market for this look.

8) Weightless Foundation

With a range of natural makeup products coming in, it was high time for the traditional foundation to be replaced by something more natural too. The weightless foundation is liquid (almost like water), and would not feel more than a moisturizer when put on. It is a perfect buy for summer 2018. Don’t miss out on this!

9) Red Highlighter

Replacing the unicorn colors of past years is the red highlighter which works on all skin shades. It gives a very natural, rosy shade on the cheeks which looks great on every skin tone. Whats more? It can be doubled as an eyeshadow too! (for some brands).

10) Ultraviolet

With UltraViolet being announced the color of the year by Pantone, it is everywhere- from lip colors to eye shadows to nail paints! Use an ultraviolet eyeliner to add a pop of color to the eyes, or use metallic eyeshadows or matte ultraviolet lipstick or lip color. For a subtler look, use a lighter ultraviolet eyeshadow.

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