5 Common Foods to Avoid in 2018 [VIDEO HERE]

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Dr. Nina Koduru is an Internal Medicine Doctor at The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, Director of Nutrition at Digest MD, and has been practicing medicine for nearly a decade. But her latest medical breakthrough could be the most important accomplishment of her career.

In a groundbreaking video presentation, Dr. Koduru uncovers the five foods that are most dangerous to our health and unveils a simple — yet highly effective — solution to symptoms that plague millions of Americans: low energy, digestive problems, low metabolism, and constant fatigue.

She goes on to say that persistent fatigue can be a warning sign for much more serious health problems…including diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart disease, and digestive issues.

“Digestive disease and disorder costs the U.S. over 100 billion dollars each year” she explains.

Dr. Koduru’s breakthrough solution was inspired by her own experience dealing with chronic digestive issues.

The secret to her breakthrough? “A Simple Everyday Solution that takes just 60 seconds each day,” says Dr. Koduru. “If you do this one thing each day, the health results can be astonishing.”

This unorthodox philosophy is what led Dr. Koduru to create an effective digestive solution — which has since become remarkably successful with her patients.

“They’re reporting a remarkable improvement in digestion, natural long-lasting energy without a ‘crash’ and they’re feeling slim, fit and active,” she reveals.

The science behind her formula is brand new, and has been met with both fascination and enthusiasm. Dr. Koduru’s comprehensive video presentation is now available online, so that the public can be educated as to exactly how it works.

Here's the video!

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