6 things you should know before doing your eyebrows

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A stinging look undoubtedly catches anyone, but the way we give our eyebrows play a very important role in the impact that can get our look and also give a definition to the face which makes it look much better, so we must know how to arrange them correctly so that in addition to looking nice complement our makeup to perfection.

From our brows depends the expression of the face, and sometimes by inexperience we tend to take care of them in the wrong way, ending with a shorn eyebrows, something that is not at all attractive. That is why it is important that proper waxing and proper care become part of the daily routine of our beauty.

That's why, thinking about how to help you wear nice and attractive eyebrows, here's a list of things you probably thought were right and that you should always avoid when you wax your eyebrows:

1.-Not everyone looks good thick eyebrows

Although the trend now is to use a large and thick eyebrows, and also make them to achieve a more prominent impact, the fact is that this fashion does not fit all, because here you have to take into account what kind of face you have, when you have this defined you can know what form to give them and how thick you can leave them.
Also remember that the thin and elegant eyebrows also frames a beautiful look, so do not worry if you do not manage to have those eyebrows that are setting trends and do not fall into the mistake of painting them in excess, since you can make them look exaggerated instead of stylish.

2.- Eyebrows are sisters, not twins

Although sometimes you want to try to make your eyebrows look alike, this is a mistake you should avoid, since experts say that "eyebrows should always look like sisters, but not twins, and never distant cousins."

With this in mind, do not fall into the error of wanting to draw your eyebrows so that they are strangely alike, since you would be removing all the naturalness that should have the eyebrows. It's okay that one looks a little different than the other, as long as you do not exaggerate in the difference.

3.- Do not exaggerate with the separation between your eyebrows

If you are one of those that have very populated eyebrows at the beginning of them, it is important to be careful not to depilate them much because you can make them look very distant, and this will give the impression that your eyes are wide apart and you will make the nose it looks bigger.

The most important thing is to know the extent to which your eyebrows should be, so place a pencil next to the bridge of your nose completely straight, this way you will get the exact place where your eyebrows should start. This step is for any type or form of face.

4.- Avoid seeing you as if you were constantly surprised

You must respect as much as you can the natural shape of your bows, otherwise your face will look with an expression of being constantly looking surprised.

To find your natural bow, experts recommend holding a pencil against the side of your nose and aligning it with the center of your eye. In case you want to lift them a little you can, but you should do it gradually, and extend the tail to balance the proportions.

5.- Do not cut the hair of the eyebrows

Use the length of the hairs on your brows to your advantage, because when combing they will be more populated.

Just cut them if it is too long, in this case first peal up and cut only the tips of the hairs, with the scissors pointing down to make it look more natural.

6.-Do not shave every day

Eyebrow waxing should be done at least once every three weeks. In this way, hair that grows in different periods will have time to be born, and you will make your eyebrows look even better.

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