Amazon Launch The Magical Concept Of Delivery : Amazon Key

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Amazon, world’s largest e-commerce portal, and the company which introduced drone-based deliveries of packages has now introduced Amazon Key, which aims to revolutionize the delivery mechanism.

With Amazon Key, you can allow delivery guys inside your home, even if there is no one present at your home!

On a first glance, this may seem blasphemous to say the least, but if we understand how it works, and it’s implications for other services, then we will find that the concept is wonderful.

Even magical to some extent.

Now, the only question is.. Will netizens and online shoppers accept this new system?

We explore...

Several times, it may happen that you are out of a home, and the delivery guy is about to reach your home for package delivery. You feel helpless, and you chide yourself for not being at home.

But not anymore.

With Amazon Key, you can allow the delivery personnel to enter your home, and deliver the package. And yes, it is safe as well. Amazon Key contains Amazon Key In-Home Kit, which costs $249.99 or Rs 16,000/- and solves all your problem related to deliveries.

This is how it will work:

Step 1: Amazon will authorize the delivery, and will turn on the camera which will be installed in your home.
Step 2: The delivery guy will now open your home because Amazon has authorized it.
Step 3: Watch the entire delivery via camera, and get confirmation of the delivery.When the delivery guy leaves, the door is locked again.

Now, this concept is so cool, that it can be easily implemented for other service providers as well, such as home cleaners, maids, pet sitters and more. Amazon Home Services, the division where service providers enlist their services would be soon combined with Amazon Key.

The crucial aspect here is the authorization, which Amazon provides, and the camera which allows you to witness the whole process.

Only a few cities in the US are right now eligible for this new Amazon Key powered deliveries right now.



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