Britney Spears was Hugh Hefner’s unrealizable desire

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Hugh Hefner, who passed away at age 91 at his mansion in Beverly Hills, had a dream he could never meet, and is a regret that he was always surrounded by a lot of women, since he was the founder of the magazine for gentlemen Playboy, there was one that never fell into their nets or accepted to pose for him, it is Britney Spears (35 years).

According to one of the people in charge of obtaining a the models for the cover, the businessman was obsessed with the singer since he turned 18: "He was determined to have a Britney on the cover of 2004, I wanted it since 1998. I was in love with her.

'I want Britney Spears.' I took her to other girls, but the answer was always the same 'sounds good, but do not forget Britney.' He seemed obsessed with it, so I said until the completion of recording one of his albums, in 2006 I left the magazine and never got it.'' he said.

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