Caitlyn and Kris Jenner wear the same dress: a $1390 Herve Leger

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One of the most famous couples on television made an end to their relationship in 2014, but they still have a view. It goes beyond the coexistence between their children in common, because Caitlyn and Kris Jenner have just done something that rarely happens to other conventional couples: sharing attire. It was not exactly the same garment, since Kris was the first to wear a Hervé Leger suit in April of this year.

Although the version of the white dress that Kris wore is long sleeve, last Thursday Caitlyn wore the same garment in version without sleeve. Both seem to have the same cost: $ 1390. According to the firm, it is a very comfortable suit: "This dress by Hervé Léger was produced with the characteristic signature cut, which helps to soften the curves. It is available in lilac and has a pleated neckline with pleated gauze hem to facilitate subtle movements. "

Since Caitlyn, 67, published her biography, The Secrets of My Life, the ex-couple does not seem to have the best relationship. Kris, 61, was dissatisfied with the way her ex talked about her: "I read it and, basically, the only good thing I had to say [about myself] was that I was very sociable at parties. says is invented. "

Kris divorced Robert Kardashian, the father of Kim, Kourtney, Khloé and Rob, in 1991 and immediately married Bruce. According to Kris told reporter Janet Mock last week, she had no studies on the business world, but learned several things from Robert, who became one of the most infamous lawyers in the world after representing the sportsman OJ Simpson in 1995.

Bruce became an American idol in the 1970s, but in the 1990s his fame had vanished and, according to Kris, he "barely had $ 200 in the bank" when she met him.


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