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FTL (Short Science Fiction)

Astronaut Kane is about to travel faster than light at the controls of the "Longshot" spacecraft to join Mars' orbit to deploy a quantum satellite. Will he succeed his mission? FTL (Faster Than Light) is a sci-fi short film directed by Adam Stern.  

Optical image stabilization(OIS) : A deeper view

I am today going to clear you about OIS and EIS, let me tell you in start only, that OIS is hardware based solution and  EIS is a software-based solution, let's start with optical image stabilization, as I have mentioned this a hardware solution and generally we find OIS in high-end smartphones  like of apple devices

Amazon Launch The Magical Concept Of Delivery : Amazon Key

Amazon, world’s largest e-commerce portal, and the company which introduced drone-based deliveries of packages has now introduced Amazon Key, which aims to revolutionize the delivery mechanism. With Amazon Key, you can allow delivery guys inside your home, even if there is no one present at your home! On a first glance, this may seem blasphemous