Category: Video

A photo of a dog with a pasta machine

Japanese artist Kensuke Koike quadrupts a black and white photo of a dog using a pasta machine. He passes the photo a first time in the machine and methodically groups the strips to double the head of the dog, then he passes the photo in the machine, but at a 90 ° angle, and reunites

FTL (Short Science Fiction)

Astronaut Kane is about to travel faster than light at the controls of the "Longshot" spacecraft to join Mars' orbit to deploy a quantum satellite. Will he succeed his mission? FTL (Faster Than Light) is a sci-fi short film directed by Adam Stern.  

Police vs Burglar

When justice finally arrives. In the middle of the day, a man filmed a burglar with a crowbar forcing his front door. On the floor, the man filmed all the action until the arrival of the police. After a minute of video, five police officers arrived at the scene and managed to master the individual.

A little girl addicted to waffles

A little girl can not help thinking about waffles. A little girl had waffles the night before at the evening meal, waffles at breakfast and she wanted to eat waffles again at noon. Her parents told her that unfortunately she will have to eat something else. She takes the news very badly. The weeping girl does not understand why