CONFIRMED: Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are expecting a girl

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In the Kardashian universe the rules of time and space do not follow the logic of the real world. In that family everything happens faster. There's Kylie Jenner to prove it. A week ago nobody could imagine that today we would be talking about her pregnancy. But much more surprising is that we can also do the sex of the creature that she and Travis Scott expect.

According to just published in exclusive TMZ, and citing as always sources close to the couple, Kylie will give birth to a girl next January. Yes, you read well: in January and not in May or April, which is what a priori would touch.

And it is not a miracle of science able to condense months of pregnancy as if a Zip file was involved. Nor did a trick by Christopher Nolan if after directing Interstellar had signed for directing the new season of Kping Up With The Kardashians.

The mathematics of motherhood at the moment remain the same for Kylie as for the rest of humanity. It's just that we had not counted well from the beginning, because when we knew the news so suddenly on September 22, we assumed it would be something recent. But no.

According to those same friends who have revealed the sex of their future daughter, Kylie would have been pregnant for five months. And not only that, they already knew for two that they will have a girl, just as Scott himself would have confirmed his closest circle.

So how could he have cheated us so long? Very simple, the businesswoman would have been uploading to Instagram these last weeks old photos. And the ones that did not cut them right where we would see her belly.

If this continues to go that fast, even the costume of pregnant Kylie that has already been on sale for Halloween is obsolete before it can be released. At this rate, the word impossible means nothing.

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