Dogs can not sleep because they just as we pee

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There is little known about the sleeping patterns of dogs. The last research from Harvard University revealed that like people they dream about the same things that concern them during the day.

"It's less logical and a bit more visual, but there's no reason to think that dogs dream a lot different from people. They probably dream of their boss's face, or about their smell. And how they can make you happy or be able to tease ". it sounded like that.

A recent Hungarian study now shows that the sleeping patterns of dogs are even more like those of people than thought. Dogs are not just dreaming about the same things, they are awake like we are.

For that study, the sleep pattern of sixteen dogs studied, who just before they went to sleep were exposed to positive and negative emotional experiences. For example, they were approached by an intimidating strange person or just cuddled by their own boss. The dogs that were exposed to a positive experience slept surprisingly deeper and more consistently. The four-legged feet before they bore under the wool were waking up more often and stayed longer in their brake pads.

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