Donald Trump is CANCELLING “Grey’s Anatomy” because of this?!

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Many social revolutions have been consolidated thanks to a simple gesture that summarized very little the discontent of a population with established power. Of course, that makes governments very nervous, aware that they can not prohibit their citizens, for example, from giving carnations to the military, as happened in Portugal to end the Salazar dictatorship; or raise a fist high wearing a black glove in hand as occurred in the 1968 Olympic Games to denounce racism.

Something similar is happening right now in the United States with the spread of 'take a knee', a gesture of pushing the right knee to the ground that has become the symbol of the opposition to the racist policies of Trump. A movement that began a few days ago during an NFL game with several players taking that position while the country's anthem sounded, and that gradually has been chilling among the other athletes ironically thanks to the president himself, who has always insulted has been able to all those who have joined this current. The famous Streisand effect. But for this kind of revolutions to really calm it is necessary that it becomes something transverse and that other segments of the population make it theirs.

Yesterday we had a preview of what could happen thanks to the poem that George Clooney published to defend the insurgents. But it was today when the real leap has come. The responsibility for it is none other than Shonda Rhimes, the most powerful television producer in the United States, who has just uploaded a photo to its Instagram in which appears next to part of the cast of Gray's Anatomy kneeling with the hand in the heart while celebrated the 300th episode of the series.

Accompanying the image, which also includes Ellen Pompeo, Jesse Williams and Debbie Allen, the woman who has become the new Oprah Winfrey wrote: "We kneel in solidarity with racial injustices." Pompeo, the great protagonist of fiction, also raised his own writing "We kneel because we are supposed to be an indivisible nation with freedom and justice for all." And something tells us that they will not be the last to see this done in the next few days.

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