Donald Trump is threatening Beyonce after what she said about him

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The most recognized figures in the world of film and music met last night for Hand In Hand, an event benefiting the victims of recent natural disasters: Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. The solidarity telethon was filmed in New York, Los Angeles, Nashville and San Antonio and raised more than 44 million dollars. From Cher, Justin Timberlake and Leonardo DiCaprio to Jamie Foxx, Nicole Kidman and Selena Gomez - who recorded an emotional video allusive - many celebrities made their contribution to try to counteract the consequences of natural disasters. One of the figures to be present at the event was Beyoncé, who through a promotional clip of the charity marathon, gave a hard speech in which he did not directly name President Donald Trump, but he did alluded through the content of Your message.

"In times when it is impossible to watch the news without seeing the violence and racism of this country, just when you think you can not be worse, natural disasters take lives, hurt and completely change everything in its path leaving behind contaminated water and hospitals, schools and infirmaries completely flooded, "Beyoncé said in the video in which he pointed out who are belittling the global effort to combat climate change, clearly alluding to the departure of the United States from the Paris Agreement, an initiative that sought a pact to mitigate climate change and that Donald Trump decided to abandon. "Climate change is affecting many people around the world every day. Last week we saw the devastation caused by the monsoon in India, an earthquake in Mexico and a multitude of hurricanes."

"Irma left behind her a trail of death and destruction since the Caribbean to Florida. We have to be prepared for what will come later, "said the artist, who also had words of praise for those who helped together in a time of extreme need. "Natural disasters do not discriminate, they do not see if you are an immigrant, white or black, Hispanic or Asian, Jewish or Muslim, rich or poor ... we are all in this, so seeing people of different race, status social and religion working hand in hand and risking their lives to help survive restored my faith in humanity, "said the star.

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