Feng Shui: The secret of good sex

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Although sex is one of the best pleasures in the world. The truth is that many people around the world have stopped having it for different reasons. Even a study by David Spiegelhalter, an expert on statistics at the University of Cambridge, says that couples would stop having sex by 2030 by constant connectivity and obsessive attachment to technology.

Keeping the flame on is not easy, not impossible. Every day new techniques are discovered that help stimulate or enhance these sexual encounters in order to enjoy sex as a couple without falling into monotony. One such technique is that of 'feng shui'.

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According to feng shui, factors such as the color of the sheets or the position of the furniture directly influence the intimate relationships of people, that is why, and according to the portal Infobae, these are some keys to feng shui for a full sexuality.

For starters, any of us does not attach much importance to the color of the sheets when it comes to having sex. However, choosing the right tone for them can help a lot to have a harmonious sexual relationship. According to feng shui, choosing tones such as green and pink stimulate pairing.

Another important fact is the position of the bed, should be located in front of the entrance door to the room and leaning against the wall. Since "the southwest corner of the room governs the relationship between spouses".

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Although most people prefer to have the mirrors pointed towards the bed, either front or glued to the ceiling. In this case, that is not the best option, since when the person is lying down, his image is reflected in the mirror and this sends his energy back. This constant energy swing causes the person not to rest enough and can not be relaxed.

Last but not least the lighting and whether it is in the candlelight best. A subdued atmosphere to make love is perfect for anyone.

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