Find out what was the only thing Hugh Hefner regret in life

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It happened a month ago. One of the most controversial magazines in the publishing world acknowledged being ashamed of the publication of a cover. It was not a cover of high erotic content nor that it exceeded the limits of the socially allowed, as it had happened in other occasions.

It was something else. Cooper Hefner, the boyfriend and creative director of Playboy Enterprises publicly acknowledged a mistake: the cover Playboy that almost 30 years ago played Donald Trump. "We do not respect the guy.

There is a personal shame because Trump is someone who has been on our cover, "he acknowledged for the Hollywood reporter, and that plural is remarkable because although he later made personal statements, he spoke on behalf of the entire company in which his father, Hugh Hefner, he continued to hold an honorary charge.

It was March 1990. Trump was a successful businessman (he had spent the 1980s becoming it), the Trump tower had been part of the New York skyline for eight years and the horizon of his hotel empire seemed inexhaustible. And also began to take sides in the public life of his city. It should be recalled that a year earlier she had paid a publicity page asking for the death penalty to be restored for the five children accused of raping the Central Park broker (spoiler: it ended up proving the innocence of the five).

Yes, that is Melania!

Posing for Playboy is craving a craving for a guy we now know obsessed with fame, female models and money. And precisely in the company of a model appears on the cover. They shared the cover, but not the same luck facing the future: Brandi Brant, who calls herself the famous bunny, was sentenced in 2014 to spend six years in prison for drug trafficking.

If the cover is flashy, it is nothing compared to the interview, which we can qualify as visionary. Trump is asked if she would like to be President of the United States. Your answer? "I do not want the presidency. I want to help a lot of people with my foundation. " But, and if he did, why party? Hold on: "If I ever introduced myself, I would do better as a Democrat than as a Republican. And this is not because I'm more liberal, because I'm conservative. But because the worker would choose me. He likes me. When I walk down the street, taxi drivers shout at me from the windows. "In fact, the New York Times published this article comparing Trump's remarks in that interview with those he made in 2016 in the middle of the race.

Of the number also spoke recently in social networks thanks to an involuntarily funny image, that the evangelical pastor raised Jerry Falwell to his Twitter, in which he shared image with Trump in his office of whose wall hung ... yes, they have guessed it, the Playboy cover framed.

Watch carefully the left!

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