‘Frida’, the dog who’s winning everyone’s heart after Mexico’s earthquake!

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During these days, much is spoken of the earthquake and with just reason, the damages so far are incalculable and human losses, unfortunately the number increases more and more.

In the midst of the pain and sadness that this earthquake has left for the Mexican people, there is news that will surely fill everyone with hope.

Obviously rescuers, volunteers and brigadistas who in good faith contribute their grain of money to look for survivors, we must also mention how celebrities and large companies have supported the victims.

In short, a lot of information flows at all hours, in media and social networks is not said.

And a subject that is captivating all after the earthquake in Mexico, is the participation of the canine brigade for the rescue of survivors after the collapse of several of the buildings.

The canine brigade that has become famous since the earthquake occurred on 19 September, is composed of Evil, Ecko, Titan and Frida, the latter most famous for the great resume that accumulates in natural disasters and the number of lives which he has saved as well as his great charisma and good vibe he conveys.

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