Get to know better the ‘lupus’ disease that made Selena Gomez need a kidney transplant

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Selena Gomez said Thursday that she underwent a kidney transplant as a result of the disease she suffers from: lupus. A news that worried a lot to his fans to see the images that showed in his personal profile of Instagram, but that soon they went to a tense calm when also to know that this operation happened several weeks ago and that it is completely recovered of its passage by operating room. Even so, many people are wondering how her idol has been immersed in this medical vortex, because not everyone understands well what is that lupus, which has done so much damage to the artist. So, to clear the doubts, we will explain in a simple way what it is and why it has pushed Selena Gomez to need a donation of a kidney by a friend.


First, the definition: "Lupus is a chronic disease of the connective tissue that is characterized by inflammation of the affected organs, such as the skin, liver, heart, brain, lungs "and, in the case of the singer, may also be the kidneys. This disease is genetic predisposition and is autoimmune, which makes it difficult to diagnose quickly and reliably until several years, so that the damages that occur in the body can be serious in many cases without knowing for sure that what is suffered is lupus. Interestingly 9 out of 10 people who have been diagnosed with lupus are women of childbearing age and until recently it was advised not to get pregnant, although this veto has already risen and there are usually no problems.


The most common symptoms of this disease are reddish lesions on the skin and joints, fever and fatigue spontaneously, herpes and canker sores, but also problems in the internal organs and the nervous system. To minimize their incidence in the body and lead a normal life, patients with lupus should have a balanced diet without too much excess, physical exercise - especially for the emotional plot is stable and positive - eliminate alcohol and tobacco - in addition of illegal substances - to protect themselves from the sun very carefully, because it affects them more intensely than the rest, but not only at the dermal level, but also internal in the joints and by the possible inflammation of serone, membrane that covers the organs.


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