Here’s how many people are getting a sixpack in less than ONE month!

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Many times we have the habit of seeing our abdomen in the mirror to know if we have gained or lost weight. However, it should not become a torment in our lives, as the attempt to obtain the desired abdomen can lead to frustration if we do not adopt the correct habits and practice the proper routine.

If you have a layer of fat in the abdomen do not pretend that you will achieve those "six pack" with a thousand repetitions of "abs" or 3 hours of exercise, but with a lot of perseverance. In the case of men, they should have less than 11 percent fat and in women less than 17 percent.

"An important point to know is that the body is so smart that it knows where the fat will go, you will not be able to decide whether it will be in the abdomen. do a lot of exercise in a certain muscle, it will lower the fat, it will be harder, but only by combining it with a good diet you can lower the percentage of body fat. "

The fitness expert recommends

1. Be selective in your diet. Make up to five or six small meals during the day to make the metabolism stay active and to minimize cravings. Opt for natural foods. Forget about processed flours, sugar and alcohol.

2. Control carbohydrates. And if you consume them, do it early. Choose those that are complex; for example: fruits, vegetables, nuts, and cereals such as oats, quinoa and brown rice. Increases protein intake; It will be great to have your muscles in shape.

3. Include fiber in your diets. Low fiber consumption increases the risk of bloating (bloated belly), which could increase pounds in the middle of the body. The daily consumption of fiber increases the feeling of satiety, prevents constipation, promotes healthy digestions and promotes an adequate functioning of the digestive system.

4. Feed between meals. Remember that you can feel a little hungry in this situation, to control it you can opt for nuts, natural yogurt and hard boiled eggs; among other foods similar to these. You can also quench your hunger with Muscletech Nitro Tech nutrition bars, which also contain high quality protein, fiber and boost your energy level.

5. Stay hydrated. Water is a food that does not contribute calories and its function is, in addition to hydrate, facilitate, intervene and streamline the metabolic processes of the body. The amount of water that a person should take depends a lot on activity and body weight, however, it is advisable to drink a minimum of two liters per day without abusing it or stop ingesting foods vital for the proper functioning of the body.

As for fitness activities it is recommended

6. Cardiovascular exercises. Accompany your diet with this activity 3 to 4 times a week, as with abdominal exercises. Performing aerobic exercises will help significantly reduce body fat.

7. Combine your exercises. In the variety is taste and progress, but the body becomes accustomed and no longer reacts. He performs compound exercises such as squats with jumps and arm stretches or crossed dead weight with moderate weight, pushups of arms, irons, among others.

8. Simple abs. It is important to maintain the arch of the lumbar (column) as this activates our central muscles, otherwise we will be activating the gluteus. Doing sit-ups strengthens the front and side of your abdomen. Practice starting with 15 sets of 3 repetitions inter-day.

9. Complements and improves your goals. For those who perform harder workouts and want to have better results, they can consume Hydroxycut Elite Power from Muscletech before meals and training, this will boost the fat burning in the abdominal area, increase your energy level and help tone the body.

10. Protein after training. At the end of your training session it is advisable to take a Met RX protein shake and glutamine for a quick recovery and better muscle toning, thus achieving a better body composition progressively. Shakes are great for keeping you hydrated and can help flatten your stomach.

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