Here’s why Taylor Swift is considered as the best artist of 2017!

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MTV announced yesterday the nominations to the MTV Europe awards, according to its own press agency, "led by the multiple nominations to Taylor Swift", that has turned out to be the most nominated person when it has not had disc in the street since 3 years.

Before you all answer the question that heads this article, it is necessary to remember that the EMA's do not award the videos of the year, since for that they are the VMA's Americans. At the ceremony next year 'Look What You Made Me Do' deserves all the possible nominations and maybe the main prize - we'll see, it's a year! At the moment, this exaltation of the figure of Taylor Swift seems a bit of mother. I miss many more nominations to Lorde, who depresses me a little relegated to "alternative artist" after having sold such millionaire albums of his debut and how good the second. Although it makes me more depressed to see Harry Styles relegated to "best look" when, always sticking to the target of MTV, maybe now should be someone interesting to claim considering the record he has made; and again considering the editorial line of the chain, it would not hurt to see Dua Lipa somewhere that is not also better look and revelation. Those who made their debut in late 2016, such as Bruno Mars and The Weeknd, are hardly there, although 'I Feel It Coming' and 'That's What I Like' have hit this year.

What surprises that Taylor Swift is nominated for best artist and part as favorite according to the chain's own note is that ... is not nominated for best song !! Yes it appears in best video, best look (is this? And if not, which?), Best pop artist, best artist and best fans (this is not doubted, as Taylor sells in his week 1). Given that Zayn is only nominated for best look, we should rule out that 'I Do not Wanna Live Forever' is a reason to nominate Taylor, of whom we can conclude that she is the artist of the year for having made a good video and have opted for a good look. Does not anyone really think it's a bit "shady" that "Look What You Made Me Do" is not nominated for song of the year? Maybe even MTV is noticing, seeing the theme in streamings and radio, that there was no song anywhere?

There is no confirmation of performances, Rita Ora aside, but this recognition to Taylor Swift for a video in the gala that does not play, it seems a desperate maneuver chain and / or seal and / or artist for the artist to act in the ceremony ... is celebrated "casually" the same week of exit that the disc of Taylor Swift. In addition, there you can present the expected second single, the "really good." Of course, what I'm wondering is if I could not afford to spend that week on Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Fallon, et cetera, instead of London. Or is he really able to send each of the Taylors per continent?

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