Here’s why working out with ‘the climber’ is the best way to loose weight in the gym!

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Like it or not, cardio is a crucial element of any exercise routine. We always use the bicycle or the treadmill as a resource to do it, but it's time to take back a machine that is safely stored in your parents' basement.

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According to Seth Maynard, director of fitness for Switch in New York, the famous "StairMaster" that we used to see in TV commercials and that is forgotten in some corner of the gym, is the best machine with which you can do cardiovascular. "It raises and hardens the whole body, burns a lot of calories, and does less damage to the knees."

This climber works your glutes, legs, quadriceps, and calves, without putting as much pressure on your joints as a treadmill would do, explains the instructor. "Additionally, you can release the handles and keep your chest up, and you will increase the strength in the middle of your body and compromise your stability.

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