How to avoid making the fool in the gym!

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For some of us, the endorphins associated with training come even before we go to the gym, and it is that choosing what we are going to use also motivates us to leave.

With the explosive popularity of the most modern athletic clothing and brands like Beyoncé's Ivy Park or Puma's Fenty by Rihanna, dressing for exercise has become a pleasure, almost more than doing the exercise!

But if you're not careful about the garments you select, you can end up as Janet Jackson in the 2004 Superbowl right there on your yoga mat.

Making the ridiculous with your look is something that can happen to anyone and in any situation, from the red carpet to the climber. And the worst part is that many times you do not know. So we consulted with celebrity trainer Candace Cameron Bure about the most frequent problems with fitness clothing, and how to avoid them:

Choose the right sports bra

Your experience in the gym will always be better if you feel confident about yourself and you have everything in place, that is why these tips start from the first layer of clothing. One of the biggest mistakes is buying the wrong sports bra, and you have to think that there is one for every occasion. For example, using a yoga top is not the same as a crossfit, where you will clearly need more support.

The best thing is that when you try it, try doing some activities, like jumping, and always make sure you feel comfortable in it. And do not just go for the "nice" option, always think of functionality.

Don't trust your leggings

When it comes to athletic clothing, what better than leggings. They are versatile, comfortable and come in an infinite variety of prints. Before you buy it, make sure they are opaque. What makes a pair of leggings stand out from the rest is the quality of the fabric. Perform a transparency test on the tester by doing a couple of squats or flexing to see if the material shows your underwear or is worth carrying.

Remember, leggings have an expiration date of using them. They may be opaque at first, but over time the fabric may weaken. So crouch in front of the mirror every so often!

Test your sweat

If you sweat a lot, do not feel bad about it: on the contrary. This means that your system is working hard to keep you cool and have a healthy body temperature. But if you sweat in certain areas that make you uncomfortable in front of other people, there are always ways to get dressed so as not to go through this bad time.

Candace recommends doing an intense session at home first to detect problem areas. Then, go shopping for the right clothes to hide it.

For example, if you have a lot of sweating, stay away from bright colors like fuchsia. The best are the dark colors, and prints that with dark colors, since they hide the sweat.

And how do you know if you chose the right mix of colors and design? Sprinkle some water on your clothes and you will notice if it mixes with the pattern or not.

Check (more than once) your shorts

Shorts may look like long enough while you're standing, you may miss the minute you sit on the bike or squat to squat, and although the best advice is not to use them for the gym, there are ways to make them shorts do not play tricks on you.

Buy shorts that have a fabric stand underneath them, and pay attention to your length depending on the activity you do.


Pay attention to the fabric

The material of your clothes can impact your routine more than you think. Although the opacity of the fabric is important, so is the way it is made. If you are a runner with muscular legs rubbing as you move, there is a risk of irritation in the crotch. It is best to familiarize yourself with these fabrics and know what is right for your body and what not.

The key to avoid any malfunction of clothing is using the dressing room as your own personal gym. "Jump, and go crazy there" says the coach. "Run through the store, take a minute to see how you feel about the garment so you do not waste your money and feel frustrated with the brand you're choosing.


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