How to EASILY know who unfollowed you on Instagram

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Social networks are already part of our lives. They allow us to communicate, to tell everything that happens in our day to day, to see the stories of the people that we follow and many more things. Ther


e are social networks like Instagram or Facebook that have been evolving over the years, which has allowed us to see things like Instagram Stories or Facebook Messenger. Not only serve to share images or videos but also as chat to talk to our followers. Even so, there are functions that are not available to everyone, or not in a simple way. Today we are going to leave you with an application to know who has stopped following you in Instagram, something that the social network does not allow us by default.

Since the beginning of Instagram, there are many things we can not do, like knowing if someone follows us when we visit his profile. Applications like Twitter or Facebook do leave us with this information, but Instagram is more reserved for this type of data. If you've ever wondered who has stopped following you on Instagram, but you do not know how to check it, we leave you with one of the best applications.

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"People who have stopped following me" the most interesting option

Sure you've ever wondered who stopped following you on Instagram, something you can not see from the application. If your number of followers is falling very fast and you want to know who is not following you, today we recommend that you download 'Unfollowers for Instagram'.

This application has several sections, among which we can see the 'People who have stopped following me'. The interface is really intuitive, and we just need to log in to see all the data. Do not worry about security, since it is a totally malware-free application. Hence it may be on Google Play.


Once we are logged in the application will show us several sections, in which we can see very interesting things, such as the people who follow us and not follow us and vice versa. The option that matters most to us today is the one of followers who have left aside our profile. When we update we can see all those people who have stopped following us recently, to stop them from following or ask them the reason.

We can also see a section of mutual followers, who are the people who follow and follow you back. A tab of 'Fans', who are the people who follow us and we do not follow. It is a very complete application, totally safe and that leaves us with information that the own Instagram does not facilitate us. Download it now from Google Play and start having a lot more information about your favorite social network.

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