How to travel on a budget under $1000!

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Tips to save on travel:

• Anticipate

If traveling is in your top three of life, you will really have to give it priority, otherwise there will always be a pretext to postpone the trip. Could not you go somewhere this year? You have 12 months to do it in 2018.

• Save

If you manage your income properly you can designate 10{87f6757ed5a2a501381e96df4c9f3a95e5041f34389cd1fe4c54dbd69b50d9cb} of what you receive each month. You know you want to save money to travel, so keep that money out of your hands: invest it in the bank, give it to a trustworthy person or send it to the trip.

• Find low cost flights

Forget about having a premium that works in Aeromexico. Most credit cards give points that you can use to purchase tickets. You can also use an outlet or pay it in installments. If your flights are within the same country or region, look for local airlines.

• Find alternative lodging

Tell yourself Airbnb. Renting a house or apartment per week or month will be more economical, in addition to allowing you to save an extra on food and drinks!

• Subscribe to the newsletters of the hotels and cruises you want to visit

In this way they will have you as a consented client and they will send you promotions.

• Forget about excess baggage

Almost all airlines are changing their conditions and some charge from the first suitcase. Light travel is now the option, to save you extra fares on flights.

• Plan your trip

Make a list of the days and times when certain attractions and museums allow access for free. Also research on tourist cards that offer packages of sites to visit at a destination.

• Routes with stopovers

Instead of taking a direct flight, you can travel to a nearby destination and then take a train. That way you know more things and you save.

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