If you Have these symptoms, then most likely your body is full of parasites!

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The awareness of the presence of a parasite in our body is really frightening, but such situations take place much more often than we think.
Most cases of parasitic infections remain undiagnosed because patients do not know they are dealing with them. It often happens that the presence of parasites in our body does not give any crucial symptoms, and in some cases people feel very bad and take a lot of medicines, not even knowing that the complaints that they suffer from are caused by "uninvited guests".

How do you know that there are parasites in our body?

1. Losing weight

If you have a tapeworm or a roundworm you will feel the need to consume much more food and you will notice a decrease in weight.

2. Fatigue

Parasites most often feed on our food, so the body will not absorb the nutrients it needs, which in the end will result in a feeling of constant fatigue. Intestinal parasites also produce toxins which will additionally enhance poor well-being. If you eat well, sleep well enough and still feel tired, it's time to make an appointment to see a doctor.

3. Anemia

As we mentioned earlier, many parasites feed on our food, and this often results in a deficiency of iron. Children with anemia develop slowly and may also experience weight loss.

4. Skin problems

Parasites, due to secreted toxins, can cause pimples, acne, rashes and other allergic symptoms and even it can form holes near the toes. If you experience skin and hair problems that are difficult to explain, be sure to consult a doctor.

5. Constant Itching in the anal part

Discomfort in this area is very often is related to the fact that the parasite has laid eggs in that place. Itching is usually experienced at night, and if it persists after two weeks, you should immediately seek medical help.

There are many types of parasites that can nest in the human body, but the most common is blastocystis hominis being a yeast. It causes abdominal cramps, gas and bloating.

Other parasites:

  • tapeworm
  • Human worm
  • giardia
  • schistosoma
  • nematodes

The immune system will play a significant role in triggering symptoms that will allow you to get to know the parasitic infection. The most popular theory is that the operation of parasites is limited only to the digestive system, but this is not true. Many of them cause mental disorders, such as depression or hyperactivity.

This is due to the strong dependence between the digestive system and the brain. Toxins released by an unwanted "guest" will quickly affect our nervous system.

Have you gone through this experience before? Share your experience in the comments sections below so that the people get awareness about it.

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