Is Gal Gadot not coming back as ‘Wonder Woman’?

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Gal Gadotrevealed that she considered leaving the performance when she was rejected for the lead role of 'Mad Max: Fury Road' and gave it to Charlize Theron.   The former Beauty Queen is currently enjoying the fame that accompanied the success of her latest film, 'Wonder Woman' and admitted that she doubted whether to remain in the film industry after all the rejection.

"I had so many 'NO' and 'ALMOST' on paper, that I thought I could never make a name for myself. They always left me in second place after the 'really' famous actresses. " After being rejected for the last installment of 'Mad Max' the actress thought about returning to her native Israel, until she was called to audition for the 'Wonder Woman'.   "I got to a point where I no longer wanted to do that to my family. If it was not going to work ... why force it? I was going to give up everything and I would go back to my country. "

She also confessed that criticism of his body affected her enormously. "What I realized was that comic book fans would spend it judging my figure and saying things about my lack of breasts and booty."

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