Why is Instagram censoring your posts?

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Instagram is presented controversial by its policy in the censorship images, that although they are labeled as inappropriate, for the authors they are not at all. The multimedia platform warns users about the degree of privacy that each person should choose for their account and the one that wants to enter, must comply with them.

About the nudes

The social network only shows nudes through a painting or a sculpture, but there is no place for it in the social network, however creative or artistic the author's mood should not be published mastectomies or breastfeeding mothers. In addition, they censor "totally bare buttocks, some photos of female and genital nipples". Celebrities do not get rid of the veto either.

Privacy of children

If Instagram believes that it can be stored for illicit purposes or, as they explain, "we can remove content to prevent other people from being able to re-use such images inappropriately."

Graphic Violence

The platform warns of the misuse it can give you: display too graphic images of a conflict or problem that involves the removal of the publication. Although the user's intention is to condemn animal exploitation, violence or harassment, for example, "it is very possible that we remove videos of great graphic violence," they warn in their rules of use.

Pornography or Violence

The publication of pornography or images of violence is strictly prohibited. In some cases, not only the image is deleted, but the user's account is disabled, as it is one of the most serious infractions that can be committed on the platform.

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