Is the new iPhone X feature of facial recognition already being HACKED?!

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Facial recognition of the new iPhone X is more potential information from you for hackers. In a technological world where nothing is 100{87f6757ed5a2a501381e96df4c9f3a95e5041f34389cd1fe4c54dbd69b50d9cb} sure, I think we are depositing extreme trust in Apple.

If it were possible to hypothetically infect the iPhone X, not only would hackers have access to Face ID technology, but also governments that are dedicated to Spanish journalists and critics who use this technology. Imagine that the malware Pegasus infects your new iPhone X, just by turning it on you would be activating facial recognition silently. In other words, not only can they be able to collect information from their facial biometrics, they would also collect information from everything they see on the mobile screen. In moments and with millimetric precision they would know with whom you meet, they would not need to turn on the video camera at all, having access to much more precise and fast technology to process. (Through your mobile) to study your facial expressions and recognition of your emotions in the presence of certain events and interact with your products

Yes, paranoid dream, but it is possible. Currently there are surveillance cameras on the street and airports that do just that, but now they are facilitating the chamba who wants to spy on us.
What do you think the face recognition of the iPhone X is potentially dangerous? I'm all ears.

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