Kevin Spacey Dumped Again, Role in “All The Money In The World” Taken By Christopher Plumber

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“All the Money In The World” is being recast with Christopher Plumber, the movie director Redley Scott is said to be aiming the scenes.
This comes barely days after Kevin Spacey became engulfed in a scandal, which made Netflix to withdraw from the post-production of the movie Gore and TV Series House of Cards.
All the Money In The World, was primed for a push a ward which prominently features Kevin Spacey. However, it is not clear whether the same push will be made for Christopher Plumber.

The 87-year-old Plumber, known for “Sound Music” and an Oscar a ward winner for the film Beginner will be the center actor for the movie. All the movie in the World, tells the saga of  kidnapping of a 16-year-old  Getty’s grandson John Paul Gretty III in 1973. The billionaire grandfather made to pay ransom and behind-the-scenes efforts for his return.
One of the people close to production said the decision to have Plumber was supported by both Scott Free Productions and Imperative Entertainment. However, the Scott’s plan caught the film producer Sony by surprise, but the studio is still on the deal.

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