Kevin Spacey Dumped By Netflix Over Sexual Assault Allegations

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Netflix is reported to have ended its association with "House of Cards" TV Series actor Kevin Spacey. The accusations left the post-production of the film Gore and other episodes House Of Cards for 2018 at a stand still after Netflix withdrawal.
Although Kevin spacey has never been charged with any crime, fellow actor Anthony Rapp has accused him of sexual harassment when he Rapp was 14 years of age. Kevin denied such allegations but apologized for any "drunken behavior".
This is not the first time such allegations have been made against Spacey. Similar complaints were reported by the Associated Press reports i.e The British Media reported: " London Police are reportedly investigating Spacey for a 2008 sexual assault".

Kevin Spacey after receiving Golden Globe Award.

Kevin Spacey is the latest movie actor and high-profile public figure undergoing such sensitive and grave sexual harassment. Fans and lovers of " House of Cards" TV series have to come to terms with the reality of further episodes of the show.

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