Kim Kardashian almost murdered in her own store!

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The Kardashians are loved all over the world, but so much love that some profess also carries the hatred that others cherish. We tell this because a woman has come armed in the West Hollywood boutique that the Kardashian sisters opened to monetize their good work in the fashion world as businesswomen.

But this woman seems to have taken pleasure to make this type of gun visits in hand to the television star's store, because she has already gone on two occasions wearing in her hand weapons other than her own collection. On the first day, the woman, with a visible mosque, although it is not clear why, acceded to the boutique DASH carrying a gun and pointing to the employees of the same. Even so, their complaints, shouts and threats, have little or nothing to do with the famous owners of the establishment: "Stay away from Cuba," he shouted as he directed the pistol to one of the dependents who tried to calm her.

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