Kim K’s see through #TB

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THE real queen of social media, our one and only Kim Kardashian, showed us some amusing #TB on her Instagram account and has tried, once again, breaking internet. She shared with her army of social media followers a wild photo in which she was wearing very, VERY transparent pants that unintentionally revealed her panties- or was it?

Whoops, our queen K really is setting social media on fire ever since its existance, and she is doing it again! She posted a funny throwback photo of herself and outfit she was wearing on NYFW, which was kind of awkward when she noticed it was too revealing- she was wearing see-through pants, and really did poke herself at her fashion choice, when she made it clear that she didn’t have any intentions on showing off her underwear, black panties, when she choose that outfit- but, it happens, right? And we are sure that a bit more light and spot on her didn’t harm her, right? “FBF to that time in NY when I didn’t think my pants would photograph that see through #NYFW”, she wrote in the caption of the photo. That #TB outfit she herself made fun of, consisted of THE pants styled with a matching black tube top underneath a black leather jacket and hada white towel wrapped around her head- which clearly shows us it was taken at the moment when she was preparing to look her best. Kim’s latest #TB photo is just one of many fashion and stylish photos she shared on her Insta account. She Is known for sharing her body in pics on her social media whenever she gets a chance to do so and really did gained quite an audience from it over the past years- whether she’s showing her outfit or is barely dressed, she sure knows how to draw some serious attention in all the right way!

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