Look how STUNNING was Gigi Hadid in the Tommy Hilfiger fashion show!

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London Fashion Week has come to an end with the Tommy Hilfiger fashion show, one of the most anticipated. Under the name "Rockcircus" and with Gigi Hadid as the protagonist, the show has been held at The Roundhouse, the emblematic concert hall of London's historic rock center. And is that the catwalk has been a show, a rock and roll concert, with a touch of glamor and nostalgia. In addition, the brand has presented together all the collections.

The collection is a rebel proposal inspired by the legacy of the 90's of the brand. Under his vision of the cool American style, youth and grunge culture are reinterpreted with a more sophisticated style. Paquetes in sweaters dresses, pictures and flowers, with the red and blue like colors protagonists. An unexpected mix between classic and urban style, with Scottish squares, unexpected proportions and winks to sportswear and skateboarding.

The TommyXGigi collection bets on a rebellious attitude with a feminine touch and combines Gigi's casual style with Tommy Hilfiger's passion for rock and roll.

We already know that Gigi Hadid is the global ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger's feminine lines, which include garments, footwear, accessories, sunglasses, watches and fragrances.

For the first time in Tommynow (that's what the show is called) the women's and women's collections have been marred together with Hilfiger Collection looks, the most premium line of the firm for women, and Hilfiger Edition, which pays tribute to the historic legacy of Tommy Hilfiger in men's fashion, plus the third TommyXGigi capsule collection.

The brand has put on sale all the clothes of the parade through its network of sales channels in more than 70 countries.

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