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In a preview of the television show Keeping up with the Kardashians, Khloe Kardashian stated that she is more motivated than ever to get in shape. And she says that her diet and exercise routine have helped her a lot to meet the goal of losing weight. As he was so happy, he wanted to share his experience in a book that came out in early November that he called Strong Looks Better Naked, where he tells all his secrets to be in shape.

In addition to unseen photographs, the publication includes tips on how to improve your lifestyle and also personal stories about your relationships and your fight against being overweight. At the presentation of the book, the 31-year-old woman revealed she was very excited to share her philosophy of life. He also stated: "I hope to be an inspiration so that readers around the world can create their own strength and be beautiful inside and out."

According to blogger Perez Hilton, Kris Jenner's daughter comments in the book that begins her day at 5 am with a big glass of water and a cup of coffee. Then train for two hours and drink another large glass of water with a little oatmeal. At 11 o'clock, eat apples with peanut butter and some nuts, and for lunch choose a Chinese salad with chicken and vegetables, lots of water and fruit.

Their dinner consists of vegetables with steamed fish and a bowl of fruit with Greek yogurt. From time to time, she eats what she calls "puree magico", which prepares with cauliflower, but which looks and tastes just like one of potatoes, although with fewer calories!

    Water or sports drink?

The 31-year-old woman said she wanted to start eating healthy after having an unhealthy relationship with food. As he confesses. had a compulsive behavior since he ate without thinking or repairing what he did, just to please, to kill boredom or by habit. He also said that he once ate because he did not feel happy, or to enjoy the crunchy sound of potato chips.

Today he admits that he did not think much about what he brought to his body, and the only healthy thing he regularly consumed was hummus, which is his weakness. The results are visible, and can be seen in the photos of the book, where the star poses topless or lying on the bed, strategically covered with a sheet.

  Reasons to lift weights

In addition to diet, Khloé did a great job at the gym. In August, star coach Gunnar Peterson revealed to People that his student made a lot of effort and managed to lose 35 pounds. Today you can say that she gave both the gym and the gym to her, since she never gave up her training five days a week.

Peterson revealed that he designed a routine that changes all the time, sometimes with more cardio, others with interval resistance training, and also varying the intensity or duration of the exercises. It also made him challenge the body with extreme loads, and incorporated boxing routines to improve balance and speed.

The expert states that while diet helped a lot to achieve this change, everything should be an integral job. You can not train with a poor diet or diet with an inappropriate lifestyle. Today Khloè eats more consciously, sleeps more and better, hydrates properly and besides losing weight, he gained quality of life.

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