Lose Back & Belly Fat by 1 simple Exercise

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1 simple exercise to lose back and belly fat, What if there was a way to fully transform your body in a very short time? this article does not offer you some kind of miraculous position or wraps but 1 simple exercise that will make you slim and pretty and handsome. It's not easy but not impossible to lose your weight by 1 exercise so let's begin. In 28 days you will reduce body fat dramatically boost your strength and endurance, you will see a huge difference after this period.


This period started with plank challenge which involves planking for 25 to 45 seconds daily during the 1 week, all the way up to 3 to 4 minutes by the end of the challenge the effect of this exercise is due to the fact that it is a full body workout and the engaged muscles are located in various parts. However, first make sure you do it correctly.

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1) Hold the plank for 25 seconds during the first two days, then increase up to 30 seconds on the 3rd and 4th days. On the 5 days do this exercise 40 seconds.

2) 6th Day continue planking for 50 seconds on the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th-day hold this exercise for 1 minute.

3) On day 12 you should plank for 90 seconds and make a break for next day, continue planking for 90 seconds on the 14th day and 15th day.

4) On next 2 days, you should try to hold the plank position for 2 minutes, plank for 150 seconds on the 18th day, then make a 1-day break.

5) Resume with 150 seconds planking in the next 2 days, then hold 180 seconds for 22nd and 23rd day.

6) The next day plank for 210 seconds and again make a break for 25 days, then hold this exercise for 210 seconds on the 26th day.

7) In day 27th and 28th hold, the plank for 240 seconds tries to endure it as long as you can.

When you finish the challenge the effect will be visible and you will be amazed.

You should never eat these foods again!

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