Miley Cyrus confessed that she’s still in love with Nick Jonas?!

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This is yet another sign that Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas will always be united ...

First it was Nick who made it clear that he is super proud of his ex, as he is happy with the release of Malibu, Miley's new song.

And during an interview for Radio Disney, Miley had the opportunity to say how much she also appreciates Nick, because while enjoying a delicious ice cream, he assured that he would let Nick lick his face.

"Do you like ice cream?" Asked the announcer.

Miley said, "Sure, I'm super. You're the best."

"Now what we need is Nick Jonas to lick your face", said the presenter.

Miley replied, "Yeah, I know. Where the hell is Nick Jonas?"

How cute! We love that Miley and Nick continue to be so cool even though their relationship did not work, we just hope Liam Hemsworth does not get jealous.

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