Netflix could give the green light to the adaptation of the horror comic ‘Locke and Key’

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A couple of months ago the rumour sprang up and now it's confirmed. After eight years of spinning and several unsuccessful attempts at adaptation, the comic book "Locke and Key" written by Joe Hill with illustrations by Gabriel Rodriguez will finally make the leap to the small screen in the hand of Netflix, who has commissioned a full season of ten episodes.

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The news comes after last March confirmed that Hulu made the decision, after a change of managers, not to give the green light to the series of 'Locke and Key', after shooting a pilot episode with Andy Muschietti ('It') as the director and having the scripts ready for the season

Carlton Cuse ('Lost', 'Bates Motel') and the own Joe Hill are still involved as executive producers of the project, but for the Netflix version they have joined Aron Eli Coleite ('Heroes') and Meredith Averill ('The Good Wife'), the latter being the showrunner together to Cuse. Hill and Coleite, on the other hand, will be responsible for writing the script for the first episode. As for the cast, it seems that the actors involved in the failed Hulu pilot will not be in the new stage of the project, although a few weeks ago there was the talk of the possibility that the little Jackson Robert Scott (known as Georgie in 'It') if he stayed in the series.

'Locke and Key' tells the story of a family composed of a mother and three children who, after the father's death died, move to a mysterious mansion in which a series of keys and locks give way to different magic (transform into animal, change race or sex, become a ghost, etc). But they are not alone and with these powers, they will have to face an evil being who lives in the house and who longs to get the keys.

In addition to the Hulu version, 'Locke and Key' tried to bring the screen to FOX in 2011. In that attempt was Mark Romanek ('Portraits of an obsession') who directed the pilot episode that did not see the light.

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