Niall Horan confessed his worst experience in One Direction

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Niall Horan is extremely excited about the next release of his first album as a soloist, Flicker, however, that great step in his career is accompanied by a small fear that haunts him from One Direction.

"I do not want to talk about this because it was the worst night of my life" were the words Niall used to describe to the BBC the first concert that he, Harry, Zayn, Liam and Louis gave as a band.

"That was the worst show of One Direction, we've refused to talk about it ever since." It was a disaster, we were a joke ... Everything we had rehearsed went out of the window, it was our first concert and we did not know what it was. passing, "he confessed.

For 1D fans, the concert the Slow Hands performer refers to took place in December 2011 at the Watford Colosseum. The group was taking its first steps outside of The X Factor. The pressure of the moment, their vague knowledge of a scene of that size and nerves resulted in the most uncomfortable presentation for them, not so for their followers.

"The second concert was better," he admitted.

But, well, many things have changed in six years. Each of the 1D has learned how to move on a stage, how to improvise in the event of a technical failure or unforeseen change. It can be said that all are already professionals in this business, which causes a great relief to Niall, who is very clear how and where he wants to play on his next world tour.

"You feel like you're in someone's room," he said, explaining why he wants to sing in smaller venues, in spaces designed for more acoustic concerts. "With One Direction we were doing five to six kilometers a night running around the stage like lunatics. There's nothing like that right now."

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