No more diets! Find out how to loose weight without diets

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The lives of hundreds of overweight patients would have been completely transformed after a new discovery.

Nutrition expert Fabien Delcourt, head of the research team at Nutrition Optimale, which has been on several occasions by France Télévision and LTV, has already been responsible for many scientific advances.

But his latest discovery may well be the best achievement of his young career.

In a dramatic press conference yesterday, Mr. Delcourt and founder of Nutrition Optimale, Emmanuel Fredenrich, author of a sales success on nutrition, revealed a simple but extremely effective solution to the problems of overweight that affect millions of French over 45 years.

They announced that they had discovered the hormone they have called "fat accumulator", which would be the number one enemy to fight to avoid gaining weight.

"Most people follow some diet but never lose weight because this hormone prevents weight loss, because it is present in excess," they told a group of journalists and researchers.

The radical solution of Nutrition Optimale was inspired by more than 507 clinical studies based on a new form of feeding that would allow to rebalance this hormone.

The secret of this solution? "There are a number of foods that we eat regularly believing they are" healthy "," announced Mr. Delcourt. "If we can stop eating these foods, the weight loss that follows is impressive."

This unconventional philosophy is what led Nutrition Optimale to create a revolutionary program of unrestricted weight loss - which has delivered remarkable results to hundreds of patients.

"They report a natural and sustainable weight loss without eating less or being deprived," revealed yesterday.

The science behind this method is completely new, and was received with a mixture of fascination and enthusiasm among journalists. Just after its announcement, those responsible for Nutrition Optimale posted a video presentation so that the public can be informed about these foods that promote weight gain and what to avoid, and to learn more about this new method of loss weight-based science.

After only a few hours, the video was watched tens of thousands of times and became viral. One visitor commented, "If this works, it's exactly what I've dreamed of for years. Never before have I seen a solution like this ... the truth about these foods that promote weight gain is shocking - it has opened my eyes. "

Obviously, the announcement of Nutrition Optimale has also received doubts. We talked to some of the doctors who were present during the press conference, and advised people to keep realistic expectations.

"This makes a lot of sense and is fine in theory," said Dr. Michael Griffin, a nutrition specialist based in Bordeaux. "But you have to wait and see the results. Knowing Nutrition Optimale, however, there is great potential. "

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