North Korea is ready to start a dialogue with USA

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Theres a possibility that North Korea is ready to start adiplomatic offensive to end its isolation by sending open letters to foreign parliaments and parties in an attempt to draw support against the United States as part of the dispute over its controversial nuclear and missile program.

Pyongyang condemns US President Donald Trump and accuses his government of wanting to lead the world to a "nuclear catastrophe" in missives sent by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Supreme People's Assembly, the country's parliament, and the central committee of the ruling Workers' Party.

In addition, the two agencies advocate joint action against Washington. However, it is unclear which countries were sent the writing this weekend. The text describes Trump's threat to destroy North Korea as an "intolerable offense" while defending the country's nuclear program. "That Trump thinks that he can kneel to the Popular Republic, a nuclear power, with threats of atomic war, is a miscalculation and ignorance".

To avoid a nuclear disaster in the world

The country's Workers Party also appeals to foreign parties to thwart US policy and thus prevent a nuclear disaster in the world. The conflict between North Korea and the United States over Pyongyang's nuclear and missile program escalated last week during the UN General Assembly when Trump threatened "total destruction" of the communist country and called its nuclear program a danger for the whole world.

The North Korean leader, Kim Jon-un, in turn described Trump as a "demented old man" whom he was to tame with fire. On Saturday, the United States sent several long-range bombers

B-1B from Guam Island as well as US fighters overflew international waters east of North Korea in a show of strength.

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