North Korea mobilizes its planes after US sending bombers

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North Korea has mobilized airplanes and strengthened defenses on its eastern coast after the United States sent fighters and fighters to the area last weekend, according to a South Korean intelligence source quoted by the Yonhap news agency as saying.

A spokesman for the National Intelligence Service (NIS) told Efe that this information was transmitted to a parliamentary committee by a member of the intelligence services, although it can not be confirmed for the time being.

The operation of US aircraft, which according to the Pentagon is the closest to North Korean territory so far this century, was apparently made around midnight Saturday.

Intelligence services explained that the North Korean Army was apparently unable to detect the B-1B's and F-15's flight near its coast by a possible failure of its radar system, Yonhap Lee told parliamentary committee chair Lee Cheol-woo.

The time of US operations may have been the reason why radars may not have worked properly in the face of power problems in North Korea, NIS added.

The North Korean Army is believed to have an early warning system for possible airborne intrusions with a detection range of up to 600 kilometers.

Sending US bombers. near the east coast of North Korea came after the leaders of both countries, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, persisted in their hard dialectical exchanges, something that coupled with Pyongyang's continuous gun tests has triggered the tension in the Korean peninsula.

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho on Monday staged the latest episode of this escalation in New York, asserting that the words to the UN's President, who threatened to completely destroy North Korea, are a declaration of war against his country.

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