OMG – The real cost of an iPhone is unbelievable!

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The smartphone fashion, which all Apple fans want to have in their hands and, sadly, also the most expensive. The iPhone 6 is an excellent mobile phone, but cruel to the wallets of ordinary people.

If you are making an economic sacrifice to buy an iPhone 6, you better not read this article, as we are going to tell you how much it really costs Apple to produce an iPhone 6, although you will understand why this company makes so much money.

How much it costs to produce an iPhone 6

When a new iPhone comes out, of course the first thing that technology analysis companies do is disassemble it to see what's inside. That was the case with the research firm IHS.

Considering the hardware, materials and workmanship, IHS was able to estimate the cost of making the most economical model of iPhone 6, which is sold for $ 649 dollars in the United States, a price that goes up a lot in the rest of the world.

According to IHS, the manufacture of an iPhone 6 has a cost of just $ 200.1 dollars, so that Apple is taking a good cut in each sale and, considering that these terminals are sold as hot cakes, the company's coffers the apple grows pretty.

In the case of the iPhone 6 Plus, the Apple phablet, the cost of production rises only $ 15.5 dollars, although its basic model costs $ 100 dollars more than the iPhone 6. My wallet feels traumatized right now.

Which components are the most expensive

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus meant a significant change over previous versions of Apple's mobile, especially at the hardware level. In total, the components add up to $ 196.1 dollars in the case of the iPhone 6. The other $ 4 dollars are for the workforce.

The most expensive component in both models of iPhone 6, is the screen. $ 45 dollars on the normal size iPhone and $ 52.5 for its large version. In the case of the A8 processor the cost is the same for both $ 20 dollars.

The camera, which is one of the components that won most improvements, especially on the iPhone 6, would be priced at $ 11 and $ 12.5 dollars respectively. The storage (16 gigs) plus RAM, reaches the $ 15 dollars in both models.

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