OMG – The real history behind ‘Annabelle: The Creation’ won’t let you sleep tonight!

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In this new story titled Annabelle: Creation, director David F. Sandberg will try to explain the story of Samuel Mullins, a doll maker who, after the death of his seven-year-old daughter in a tragic accident, decides to turn his house into a orphanage, without anticipating the terror that is about to harass them.


The Telegraph, Mirror and Usa Today, among others, address this question by analyzing the Warren, the marriage formed by Lorraine and Ed who since the 60's investigate paranormal issues in the United States and United Kingdom. Together they have followed many cases that have already been moved to the big screen, such as Amityville or the Enfield house. Annabelle's story begins with medical student Donna, who on her 28th birthday received this object as a gift from her mother.

At first the girl was very happy with this gift from her mother, but soon her roommate began to notice that strange things were happening. First the objects moved, then the wrist itself moved, and later notes appeared all over the floor that said 'Help us', as well as stains of blood.

A friend of both, Lou, took them to a medium to be exposed to their situation with the doll, there they explained that she was possessed by the ghost of a girl named Annabelle who simply wanted to feel safe. After this explanation, both decided to stay with the wrist and take care of it, but little by little what happened became more and more sinister until a moment arrived that, after an attack to Lou, they did not hesitate to speak with a priest and later with the Warren.

The book, The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren, 1980 explains the life of this marriage and explains precisely this first encounter with the Annabelle case, in which they quote Father Hegan and Father Cooke, the first was the one who presented the case to them, and the second one who practiced the exorcism on the wrist.

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