OMG – The traumatic experience that the Kardashian went through!

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As a reason for the tenth anniversary of keeping up with the Kardashians, the sisters have spent weeks reporting on some of their most memorable anecdotes.

One of those moments difficult to erase has to do with the overdose that suffered in 2015 today Khloé Kardashian, Lamar Odom. The former NBA exporter was several days in a coma, but there was a point after the accident that the Kardashians came to believe, a root of a false e-mail, that Odom had died.

"I came from Hong Kong and had just landed in London and the first message that jumped on my phone was from Kim [Kardashian] and said: 'Lamar is dead,'" says Kendall Jenner in the preview of a joint interview for E !. "I immediately started to cry on the plane and then I got the following message from Kim saying 'Okay, it's okay, it's alive, but in a bad way.'" So that was why it was so bad because I wanted to be there to say goodbye ".
Khloé confirms that everything happened as Kendall says: "On the plane they said that he had died. Someone had falsified him." Kim adds that someone had created a fake account and sent him an email with the wrong information.

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