OMG- This is what Miles Heizer said about Brandon Flynn and Sam Smith being together!

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The singer and actor were photographed in an affectionate attitude, which has uncovered his romance of which everyone now speaks.

Life seems to smile back at singer Sam Smith. After returning to the music market with a new single, 'Too Good at Goodbyes', in which he ironically laments about his bad luck in love - and in particular with his past relationship with the model Jonathan Zeizel - his heart seems to return to be busy.
The British musician has been seen kissing the streets of New York with Brandon Flynn, one of the actors in this year's revelation series: 13 Reasons Why. The two 25- and 23-year-olds respectively did not try to hide at any time as they walked through the Greenwich neighborhood holding hands and enjoying the sunny day before attending dinner at Catch NYC.
The couple has also been exchanging public messages recently through networks, suggesting that theirs would be much more than a passing romance. Sam, for example, did not hesitate to leave a small but significant commentary on Brandon's Instagram in one of his latest publications in support of the LGBTQ community, sending him an emoji in the form of a kiss.

Along with the handsome actor, the music star could have managed to break a long streak of singleness marked by the failure of several courtships that made him lose hope and even consider leaving the record industry in 2015. Faced with this existential crisis, the singer opted to temporarily withdraw from public life, to enjoy the company of his friends and family to the fullest in a context in which, for once, he was not the center of attention for all the conversations.

"I just wanted to get back to the same dynamics that I had with my friends and my family before I knew the fame, I could see that the popularity changes and that scared me a lot. common with my loved ones because our lives were very different, and I became a very distant person. It was very hard for me, because when I am not with them I become another person and sometimes that person I do not like ", he related in a interview for Beats 1 Radio.

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