OMG – You will not believe what Zayn Malik said about Harry Styles!

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A successful musical band like One Direction is supposed to be a crushing unit, because they spend more hours sharing work and leisure with each other than with their families and real friends. Even so, the reality was quite another, as it was just known after Zayn Malik announced that it was not gold everything that glowed within the musical band that triumphed worldwide until two of its members decided to get out of the winning car and try your luck alone.

For Zayn, letting his colleagues of One Direction 'thrown' was not only a professional release, since it is reaping even more success than before and the incomes are not even compared to those of before, "said the cake among five. Also in the personal sphere he has won a lot, because he does not have to see or put up with a person with whom he never made good friends, Harry Styles, who has now become his main rival in the world of music, directioner 'in trying his luck alone with great fortune.

Zayn, taking advantage of the promotion of his next single, 'Mind of mine', made a good start on his ex-partners experience and one of them was especially bad. He has recognized that he is trying to maintain a friendly relationship with those who were his friends in a past time, but with whom he has lost touch and fluency. Of course, he has wanted to be sincere and has confirmed that the same is not the case with Harry Styles, with whom he has never treasured a good relationship and, now that their paths have separated, he finds no reason to join them again

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