This pen detects cancer in just 10 seconds

A team of scientists at the University of Texas at Austin has developed a tool that accurately detects cancer in as little as ten seconds, 150 times faster than existing technology. When doctors practice surgery to remove a tumor, one of the great difficulties they face is that of differentiating the cancerous tissue from the

4 Incredible Ways Travel Can Change Your Whole Life

There’s no greater thrill than being a stranger in a strange land. To embark on an international adventure and find yourself immersed in a completely different culture is an opportunity for growth surpassed by few other opportunities. Though some may find the prospect of cultural and communication challenges daunting, the scientific benefits of foreign travel

How to avoid making the fool in the gym!

For some of us, the endorphins associated with training come even before we go to the gym, and it is that choosing what we are going to use also motivates us to leave. With the explosive popularity of the most modern athletic clothing and brands like Beyoncé's Ivy Park or Puma's Fenty by Rihanna, dressing