‘Shocking’, Rapper Meek Mill Sentenced 2-4 Years in Prison for Probation Violation

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Rapper Mill likely to spend next two-four years in prison. The Pennsylvania judicial decision on Monday was unexpected since prosecutors mentioned Mill is drug-free thus opted not being imprisoned for the probation violations.

Common Pleas Court Judge Genece E. Brinkley said she had given Mill multiple chances but he hasn't complied. According to evidence from probation officers, the musician tested positive for narcotics numerous times. Judge Brinkley also cited a failed test and unproved travel, stemming from a drug and case in 2008. The rapper was then immediately taken to prison.

The judge's decision left twitter erupted with outrage over the shocking sentencing;

Meek Mill got 2 to 4 years....meanwhile the real criminals are out here getting diagnosed as mentally ill. GTFOH

 KKK outchea having terror rally's protected by Sheriff's meanwhile Meek Mill going to jail 2-4 years violating probabtion on a dirtbike smh
 I'm a Drake fan, but for you to wish this on Meek Mill you a hoe. From experience playing people freedom isn't anything to play with

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