Rihanna ATTACKED an interviewer after being FAT-SHAMED?!

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Rihanna has been honest and talked about her weight. The singer of barbados has granted an interview to The Cut in which she has said that she does not need anyone to tell her that she has gained weight because she is the first to note it. "I have the pleasure of having a fluctuating physique, and that means that one day I can literally get into very tight clothing and the next I need something oversize. Let's say that every day I pay close attention to my body and in the morning I choose the clothes in my closet thinking about what will work better. "

The artist made it clear that she does not care what they say about her, because she feels a safe woman who does not need to comply with canons of beauty. She does not allow bodyshaming to affect her but quite the contrary. "Seriously, I love playing with my silhouette because the most important thing in fashion is to feel comfortable with what you wear."

In addition, the singer has other reasons to be happy, the Government of Barbados revealed Tuesday that a street will take its name, on the occasion of the celebrations of the 51 anniversary of the independence of this small Caribbean territory.

"I think any place in Barbados could be renamed because of what Rihanna has done," said Gladstone Licorish, a 48-year-old neighbor of the capital. "It should have happened long ago and not now. She contributed enough to deserve that honor," he emphasized on the merits of the singer. "She is the perfect ambassador for Barbados," she said, adding that the name change may even have an effect on attracting tourists.

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