Sadly, any type of gun control in the US is still far away from happening [Explanation]

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The debate over gun control takes hold in the US after the deadly Las Vegas shootout that left dozens dead and hundreds injured.

On Tuesday more senators and congressmen joined the debate over the need to tighten controls on the sale of weapons. This happened after it was confirmed that the shooter from the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, who owned dozens of weapons, also suffered from mental disorders.

However, despite statements by several leaders of both Republican and Democrat bands in defense of this, the White House and Republican majority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, say the time is not right.

However, this Monday the White House announced that it is premature to have this debate at a time when the country needs unity. The rhetoric was repeated this Tuesday by Mitch McConnell.

Political analysts and activists say the reason for not moving forward in a gun control debate is because of the strong arms lobby that is the National Rifle Association (NRA), which uses its money to puppets to politicians. This debate is no longer taboo and was planned in the full Senate.

Gun control advocated by politicians requires a background check for the person who wants to own a gun and regularize the second-hand market for arms sales, as they buy a gun in the US. too easy.

However, lobbies such as the NRA believe that this will cause them strong economic losses and therefore pressure politicians like President Donald Trump who owes them their electoral base, so that they do not accept a regulation of this association, without them human life is interested.

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