Sylvester Stallone Death Hoax!

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Contrary to what the Internet is saying, Sylvester Stallone is NOT dead. Fans were worried that the ‘Rocky’ star passed away after a death rumor resurfaced.

Sylvester Stallone isn’t dead. Shocking, right?! A rumor started circulating on Facebook claiming that the very much alive 71-year-old had died of prostate cancer. The kicker is that this isn’t even the first time people thought the Rocky star was dead. In Sept. 2016, a fabricated news story that appeared to have been reported by CNN was being shared on the same social media site stating that Sylvester was found dead in his Los Angeles home. It was later found out that the hoax was tied to a website known for sharing celebrity death hoaxes. Head here to see pictures of Sylvester breathing and doing other things that the living do.

But just like the rumor 18 months ago, fans fell for this sick joke and began worrying that the Creed actor had kicked the bucket. While plenty of Twitter users immediately began calling the rumor out as false, there were still many who wished that he rest in peace and attached the image of him that was spread on Facebook. “Wow Sylvester Stallone died & I taking the death like I knew him personally,” one person wrote. Cheer up! He’s still living his life! “Omg I thought Sylvester Stallone was dead!! I hate the Internet,” tweeted another fan after finding out the truth. But thankfully some people had the right idea. One person hilariously shared, “BREAKING NEWS: At the age of 71 beloved Actor Sylvester Stallone, woke up peacefully in his home this morning.” Yeah, so just to reiterate: Sylvester Stalone, definitely not dead. Check out some of the responses fans had to the ridiculous hoax below:

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