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Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded

ALBANY — Last March, five women gathered in a home near here to enter a secret sisterhood they were told was created to empower women. To gain admission, they were required to give their recruiter — or “master,” as she was called — naked photographs or other compromising material and were warned that such “collateral”

8 Silent Signs You Could Have a Brain Tumor

  The symptoms of brain cancer look an awful lot like other everyday ailments, from headaches to depression. Here's when to consider see your doctor for a workup. The good news is that brain cancer affects less than 1 percent of the world’s population; the bad news is that brain tumors are often accompanied by

Here’s How Practicing Tai Chi Can Help the Heart

For people who have a heart attack, chances are high that if they don’t do much to change their lifestyle and health habits, they will have another one—possibly even a fatal one—in a few years. But the dietary and exercise changes that doctors recommend are often too intimidating and frightening for patients. Most heart rehabilitation

This One Workout Can Cut 2 Inches Off Your Waist Fast

Forget crunches and treadmills. The secret to a slimmer waistline may start in the gym, but cruising through your cardio session isn’t doing you (or your tummy!) any favors. As a matter of fact, science says that interval training may be more effective at banishing your belly fat, instead. Greek researchers recruited participants to perform four hour-long workouts every week,

Cardiac Arrest vs. Heart Attack: How to Tell the Difference

There is a difference between “cardiac arrest” and “heart attack,” although people often confuse the terms. The confusion may stem from the fact that although heart attacks can cause cardiac arrest, not all do, and not all cardiac arrests are caused by heart attacks, explains San Francisco hospitalist, Shoshana Ungerleider, MD. Ragavendra Baliga, MBBS, MBA, FACC, FRCP,

The Skin Rash That Could Be Breast Cancer

Watch the report here The Doctors examine a scary form or breast cancer called inflammatory breast cancer that begins as a rash on the breast. Surgical breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk says this type is "one of the most aggressive and deadliest forms of breast cancer," but thankfully it appears in less than 5 percent of the cancers diagnosed. Dr. Funk